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Anna Galvez Sala

Renowned artist Anna Galvez Sala, a Barcelona native and Fine Arts graduate from the University of Sant Carles Polytechnic University of Valencia, has immersed herself in the realm of painting for over two decades, both as an artist and an educator. Employing mixed techniques and incorporating diverse layers in her artworks, Anna has showcased her talent through numerous exhibitions and collaborations with Museums and Institutions in Logroño, Galicia, Asturias, and Pontevedra.

At the heart of her inspiration for the Oceans series lies the environment, serving as the catalyst and motivational force. Acknowledging the inherent link between artistic expression and personal development, Anna explores various layers and mixed techniques in her paintings.

Her artistic goal is to submerge herself in a world where the richness of colors and the diversity of fluids and organics carry her beyond mere literal representation. The Oceans series, in particular, champions the regeneration of oceans. For Anna, this method of painting also functions as a means of internal rejuvenation. Through her art, she aspires to transport viewers to a world of wonder and contemplation, fostering reflection on the critical importance of caring for and protecting nature. Ultimately, it serves as an invitation to appreciate and preserve the natural beauty that surrounds us.


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