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Christian Develter

Christian Develter, an internationally renowned artist, was born in 1968 in Blankenberge, Belgium. He pursued art education at Ghent Art School and the prestigious Antwerp Fashion Academy, where his passion for painting surpassed his initial interest in fashion. Develter's art, celebrated globally and displayed in esteemed venues like the Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok and the Belmond Copacabana Palace Hotel in Rio de Janeiro, encapsulates his rich experiences of diverse cultures and people.

Develter’s distinctive style combines oils and acrylics, utilizing bold colors, striking shapes, and a careful interplay of line, lighting, and geometry. His works reflect a deep appreciation for both physical beauty and the indomitable human spirit, often drawing on the classical techniques of the Flemish Masters while embracing contemporary boldness and innovation.


One of his most notable projects is the "Chin Series," inspired by his 2012 travels through the Chin tribal region of North-West Myanmar. This series explores the evolution of Chin women, whose traditional tattoos have become symbols of strength and beauty. Develter’s art, rich in cultural narrative, celebrates the empowerment of women and connects modern faces with their tribal roots.

Develter’s art has also influenced fashion and design, leading to collaborations with international brands such as Siglo, Samaroli, and Stella Artois. His journey as an artist continues to push boundaries, offering a compelling visual feast that resonates universally despite cultural differences. A testament to his global acclaim, Develter’s artwork provided the stunning backdrop for Madonna, the Queen of Pop, as she celebrated an extraordinary moment at the end of her Celebration Tour in Rio de Janeiro.

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