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New unpublished Artist in gallery

Updated: Nov 16

Art 9 Gallery is excited to introduce you to the marvellous artwork of Albert Lardinois. He studied Fine Arts in Brussels. After teaching Applied Arts, he became a graphic designer and then an infographic designer for companies for which he created logos, brochures, wine and spirits labels…` Highly influenced by the beauty of certain materials (stainless steel, bronze, plexiglass, semi-precious stones, slate, Corian, rare woods, ceramics, etc.), he uses them in the creation of paintings and sculptures. He also likes to integrate contemporary jewelry into his artworks to which he has dedicated several years of his life. He reserves acrylic tecnique for the creation of abstract paintings where all sensitivity lies in the use of complementary colors and pure shapes. Materials, calligraphy and typography are also part of his universe. Good for you For Alberto Lardinois Here some of his artwork you can admire in our gallery centro in Moraira. Bas-relief of mixed technique "Sentinelles jumelles"

"Cep de vigne et pierre Tosca" sclupture made out of vineyard roots

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