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The universe is blue by Wendy Van Putten

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Multidisciplinar artist inspired by nature

Wendy is a dutch artist based in Spain whose artwork is sold internationally. She says that;

"when she paints, she is in her element, creating what inspires her. It can be a thought or anything she has seen or touched by, like beautiful nature scenes "

She´s a visionary artist who seamlessly integrates stones, genuine crystals, glass, resin, acrylic paints and pigments, to create mesmerizing compositions that engage both touch and sight. Her unique approach transcends traditional boundaries, offering a multisensory experience that resonates with depth an beauty.

In both of our art galleries, we proudly showcase several exceptional pieces by Wendy. We are captivated by her ability to weave together diverse elements, resulting in artworks that not ondly adorn the walls, but also evoke a profound appreciation for the intricate interplay of materials.

You can visit our gallery and explore her work. Her creations truly became a testament to the fusion of creativity and craftmanship.


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