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Bert WetsExclusive

"Art is not what you see, but what you make someone else see and feel."

Bert Wets, a Belgian national with a background in hotel management, seamlessly blends the art of restoration with his own artistic vision at his restaurant "Le Dauphin" in Moraira since 1993.

Because of his passion for art, he and his lovely wife Karolien have established an art gallery where they display their own works of art and other artists. 

Sleeping Beauty

Bert's  Story

Bert´s art is inspired by his beautiful twins, Laura and Amaya. During the sculpture-making process, he always considers nature, natural lines, and movements. 
By utilizing materials such as bronze, wood, resin, and epoxy, he imparts a gentle, warm, and nearly ageless quality to his sculptures. 

Bert´s figurative arts has a limited edition of 12 pieces, each featuring a unique and exclusive patent. So far, he has created around 50 distinct pieces and typically produces two new ones annually. You can view these works at either our gallery or the restaurant.


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