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Jake Abbott

A game of glances... A few words to the Mediterranean...

Jake Abbott was born in England in 1979 and moved to live in Jesus Pobre, Spain, in 1981. His father, a designer and photographer, was his source of inspiration, introducing him to the fascinating world of art. In his father's darkroom, Abott learned about chemistry, respect for silence and an appreciation for small details.


In 2000, Jake Abbott studied at the School of Art in Huesca, Spain, and in 2008 he started his own business with


The distinctive technique of his photographs involves moving the camera to capture the sinuosity or abruptness of the waves, seeking to empathise with them and accompany them to the shore.


His most recent project, "ON-ES", is a commitment that he sees as a lifelong project. The sea, with its immensity and constant change, provides an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Each "ON-ES" work is limited to just five originals, as specified in the contract.


For Abott, nature, peace and the simplest connection to it are fundamental sources of inspiration. He thanks his father, Tony Abbott, for inspiring in him an enthusiasm for storytelling and showing the beauty of the world to humanity.


In addition to his artwork, Jake Abbott runs a photo lab where he expands his work and that of other artists. His love of photography is complemented by his love of mountain biking, an activity that allows him to further connect with the nature he cherishes.

"This artistic project consists of images that deal with the Mediterranean world, a project in which the beauty of the moment is delved into, a visual game and a poetic language, a symbiosis, a natural dance... "​"

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