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Toni MariExclusive

Born in Xàbia, Spain. one day awakened his creativity, and with it, his conscience, by a simple coincidence that opened the eyes of the public, by giving life to iron. From his first simple animal figures to his imposing human images, only three decades have passed, in which he has gone from being a simple worker of a craft that has become obsolete to an artist whose pieces can be found halfway around the world. He is a prophet in his own country, but he lives and expresses himself with the humility of one who is fulfilling his mission in life. Today his figures can be found in New York, in the City of Sciences in Valencia, in the Palace of the Princes of Asturias and in exhibitions all over the world.

Toni Mari's Story

Toni Marí Sart, sculptor, forger of space, his background begins as a child, when he learns the craft of forging, through which his technique develops, demonstrating an admirable mastery of fire and metals. Toni sets out to create without warning, without foreseeing what might happen in his work, without planning, without a project. His works come powerfully from his mind, from his heart, from his experience, from his experience...

Living beings are the fundamental axis on which Toni's creative experience is developed, focusing mainly on the representation of the human body, where he recreates the fire of space with the volume of anthropomorphic forms in which the anatomy of the being stands out. This, added to his particular form of three-dimensional representation, manages to reach the viewer in a clear, direct and concise way. The rotundity of the material, together with the freshness and ease in its execution, the delicate treatment of both the technique and the concept, makes Toni Marí more than a sculptor, and makes him a communicator, a creator, a skilled maker of forms forged in space.


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