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Koen De Clercq

Inspired by nature

Koen De Clercq's favorite sources of inspiration are nature and especially water. He chooses paintings that catch the eye, sometimes evoke emotions, and in which dynamics, light and shadow are important elements. In addition to the larger studio work, Koen likes to go out with a backpack full of painting materials to paint on location in full nature.
For Koen it is important to find a good balance between himself, his artwork and the viewer. He builds his composition, chooses his palette and uses classic oil painting techniques to capture inspiring moments on canvas. He uses a certain amount of detail, but leaves room for the viewer to dream, enjoy and appreciate the artwork.

Jolly Wave photo by Koen de Clercq

Koen's Story

At the age of 10, Koen painted his first oil painting. He grew up in Flanders, Belgium, and as a young child was inspired by the Flemish masters Breughel and Rubens. The Belgian landscape and gray skies dominated his early work. As a teenager, he enrolled at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Kortrijk, Belgium, where he excelled, but the start of a military career in 1979 slowed his artistic pursuits.
His military career took him to the United States, to Georgia and Virginia, and proved to be an opportunity for his artistic activities. During his 12 years in the USA, he continued to improve his painting and drawing skills. While his style evolved, capturing the beautiful bright light and magnificent clouds and beaches of the East Coast, he still likes to paint the snowy and foggy landscapes of his homeland. Today, he devotes his time to art activities and focuses on painting and sharing his experience with beginners during workshops.


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