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Gines Salva

Born in Teulada, the artist has actively taken part in group exhibitions at Interarte since 1983, as well as showcasing individual works in Moraira, València, and Castellón.

His artistic expression is deeply rooted in the play of light and color found in the Mediterranean. Drawing inspiration from natural landscapes, his intention is to capture the ever-changing reality of nature through vibrant brushstrokes and delicate tones, achieving a harmonious fusion of form and color.

A graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts at San Carlos, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Ginés Salvá Oller initiated his artistic journey at the School of Artisans of Valencia, where he now imparts knowledge as a drawing teacher.

His artistic training also extends to France and Italy, two European capitals where he honed his craft. In 1992, he was honored with the "Joaquín Sorolla" scholarship. Notably, in 1998, he secured the first prize in the "Ciudad de Sagunto" painting competition, adding to his list of esteemed recognitions.



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