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Simone Theelan

Simone Theelan, originally a sports teacher and physical therapist, made a remarkable shift to the world of art at the age of 37, embarking on a transformative journey of training and exploration. Her artistic creations reflect a dynamic and energetic rhythm, with a powerful use of color that defines her unique style. Noteworthy in her work is a profound drive for movement, constant reinvention, collaboration, organizational flair, enthusiasm for life, and a contagious energy that captivates.

Located on the border between Goirle and Poppel, Simone's studio and gallery pulsate with vibrancy. Nestled in the midst of nature, this space perfectly aligns with her sense of belonging. Beyond the canvas, Simone is an avid adventurer, frequently exploring the outdoors on her bike or by foot. An impressive feat from the past year includes cycling 3,500 kilometers solo through the heart of Spain, relying on her own physical strength and creative problem-solving skills, camping in nature under the open sky.

Simone's approach to her art mirrors her philosophy in life; she doesn't adhere to strict notions of right or wrong, but rather focuses on finding innovative solutions. This mindset leads her on a continual creative journey of discovery, incorporating new materials such as corten steel, leather, and pigments into her repertoire.

Step into her studio, and you'll find an explosion of colors and materials, a testament to Simone Theelan's boundless creativity and passion for artistic expression.


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