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Roberto Almela

Known for his painting skills, Robert Almela is a versatile artist, architect and illustrator. Originally from France, he eventually settled in Spain.


What distinguishes his art is his particular painting technique, in which he uses oil on canvas and spends considerable time on each work. Almela follows a meticulous process: he applies one layer, lets it dry completely and moves on to the next, continuing with this method until the work reaches its final form.

His artistic approach revolves mainly around portraits of people and animals. His main source of inspiration is often the intense and captivating world of bullfighting, specifically the dynamic interactions between the bullfighter and the bull, as well as his adoration for the bullfighter's costume. Almela perceives a profound strength in both entities, highlighting their fearless dance in the bullring.


His paintings encapsulate the stark reality of these scenes, exemplified in renowned works such as "Pink Shoes", a captivating depiction of a dancer.

In each painting, Almela skilfully captures the essence of the characters and their environment, providing the viewer with an insight into the genuine emotions and situations depicted.


His art transcends mere visual representation, inviting viewers to connect with the compelling narratives woven into each brushstroke.

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