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Wendy Van Putten

Wendy van Putten, a Dutch-born painter and sculptor currently based in Spain, showcases her artistic prowess through exhibitions in both her adopted country and the UK. Drawing inspiration from nature and the environment, she interprets these themes through the unique lenses of her thoughts, vibrant colors, and imaginative flair.

Van Putten's artworks are distinguished by their compelling compositions, rich with underlying messages. Despite the depth of her creations, she intentionally allows viewers to formulate their own interpretations, avoiding explicit narratives behind each piece. Her preferred mediums include acrylics, resin, tempera, mineral stones, and lacquer, demonstrating her versatility and experimental spirit.

In her own words, Van Putten expresses a preference for the canvas over self-promotion, stating, "I hate talking about myself; I'd rather paint—I'm in my element." Her creative process is fueled by diverse sources, ranging from profound thoughts to visually striking scenes and emotionally resonant experiences, particularly those found in the beauty of nature.

Operating within the realm of abstraction, Van Putten's artistic identity is characterized by a profound affection for texture and relief. The recurring presence of the color blue in her works further defines her distinctive style. Beyond traditional paintings, she extends her artistic expression into the realm of wall sculptures.

Represented by a gallery in Spain, Van Putten also engages with a global audience through social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, where she sells her creations. Her international reach is evident in the successful sales of her artworks to collectors worldwide, attesting to the universal appeal of her captivating and emotionally charged pieces.

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