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 Albert Lardinois

Having completed his Fine Arts education in Brussels, he transitioned from teaching Applied Arts to a career as a graphic and infographic designer. His professional journey led him to craft logos, brochures, and labels for wine and spirits companies. This versatile artist draws profound inspiration from the allure of specific materials such as stainless steel, bronze, plexiglass, semi-precious stones, slate, Corian, rare woods, ceramics, among others. Intriguingly, these materials find expression in both his paintings and sculptures.


A significant facet of his artistic exploration involves the integration of contemporary jewelry, a passion he has devoted several years to refining. When delving into abstract paintings, he favors the acrylic technique, leveraging complementary colors and pure shapes to infuse sensitivity into his creations. Within his artistic universe, materials play a pivotal role alongside calligraphy and typography, enriching the depth and diversity of his expressive repertoire.


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