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Paz Sanz Fle

Paz Sanz Fle, born in Zaragoza, Spain in 1968, was raised amidst the dry landscapes, ochre-colored lands, and erosion-formed rocks of her native region. The heat and sunlight of Zaragoza profoundly influenced her early life and artistic vision. In 1989, she moved to the Netherlands, where she has since developed her distinctive artistic style and voice. Years later, Paz returned to her home country and has continued, to this day, making extraordinary clay artwork.

For Paz, clay is more than just a medium; it is a unique material through which she can express herself both consciously and unconsciously. With clay, she creates her own language, forms ideas, and crafts illusions. The inherent randomness of clay, combined with the transformative power of flame, allows her to develop the final form of her works. This process, imbued with a sense of magic, demonstrates her belief that reality can be transformed into an endless game of creation.

Since 2000, Paz has showcased her work in over 150 exhibitions across Europe, including in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, France, and Spain. Her sculptures, often life-sized and robust, primarily depict women in their full power and connection with their inner energy. For Paz, the African woman symbolizes strength, cheerfulness, and determination. Her sculptures, devoid of color and representing a "black spirit," convey the idea that we could be anyone, regardless of our origin. With closed eyes, her figures embody the strength found within.

Paz aims to capture moments of calm and clarity through her work. Her sculptures are a tribute to the multifaceted nature of women—daughters, mothers, partners, mistresses, girlfriends, nurses, and more—efficient, spiritual beings of many worlds. Her art celebrates the feminine mysteries and the profound strength and inner energy of women, set against the backdrop of lives filled with history and feelings.



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