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Gabriela Naumann

"My style gains excitement from the variety of materials, shapes and objects. Spontaneity and emotion are typical for me."

One artist, two worlds - Gabriela Pavon. One is Mexican, free, wild and full of joy. Spiritual, connected to nature and blessed with an exciting tradition. The other is European. Understatement with style and self-confidence. Clear structures, disciplined and therefore incredibly strong. 


Today, her work is always in motion, with lightness and pure emotion. Her paintings are characterized by expressive brushstrokes and energy, full of contrasts and colors. A jump into the clear water, a deep breath in the forest or the wonderful feeling that everything will be alright. These works give wings to imagination, inspiration and spontaneity.

painting by Gabriela

Gabriela's  Story

She was born in Mexico City in 1963, where she began painting at a very young age. She attended the Casa de la Cultura art academy in Toluca, where she was awarded the "Anahuac" scholarship. At the same time she studied Law at the Universidad Nacional de Mexico and Translation at the Instituto de Intérpretes y Traductores. 

Since 1984, Germany has been her second home, where she also graduated as a translator. She received further training at various art academies, including the Freie Kunstschule Wiesbaden.

She is a founding member of the Heidelberg Triangle Artists' Community.

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