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Discover Exclusive Artworks: A Tribute to Moraira

Moraira, a gem on the Mediterranean coast, has captivated hearts with its pristine beaches, charming streets, and vibrant culture. To immortalize your visit and cherish the essence of this beautiful town, we proudly present a special and limited collection of artworks in collaboration with renowned artists Toni Mari, Gines Salva, and Koen de Clercq.

Each piece in this collection is a testament to the unique spirit of Moraira, capturing its allure and beauty in distinct ways. Whether you're a long-time resident or a first-time visitor, these artworks promise to evoke cherished memories and emotions.

Featured Artworks

Toni Mari

Born in Xàbia, Spain, Toni Mari discovered his creative spark and conscience through a serendipitous event that introduced him to the art of ironwork. Over three decades, he evolved from crafting simple animal figures to creating imposing human sculptures. Starting as a humble craftsman in an endangered trade, he has risen to international acclaim, with his pieces exhibited globally

Koen De Clercq

Koen, originally from Flanders, Belgium, discovered his passion for painting at an early age, influenced by Flemish masters like Breughel and Rubens. Despite a military career that took him to the United States for 12 years, Koen continued to refine his skills.

Now dedicating himself fully to art, Koen has prepared a special series for Moraira and its surroundings, drawing on his diverse experiences to create artworks that embody the coastal beauty of Moraira and the charm landscapes.

Gines Salva

Ginés Salvá Oller, a Teulada native and accomplished artist, has exhibited extensively since 1983, showcasing both in group exhibitions at Interarte and solo shows across Moraira, València, and Castellón.

His artworks for Moraira are specially crafted to reflect the town's unique charm, embodying his mastery in portraying the region's landscapes with a blend of form and color that captures their essence vividly.

Visit us at Calle Les Tosqueres 5 to experience these exquisite pieces firsthand. Our curated collection awaits, offering a diverse range of styles and interpretations that resonate with Moraira’s unique ambiance.

Why Choose Us?

  • Exclusive Collaboration: Handpicked artworks by Toni Mari, Gines Salva, and Koen de Clercq.

  • Limited Edition: Each piece is a rare find, making it a valuable addition to your collection.

  • Transport and Insurance Included: We ensure your artwork reaches you safely and securely.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to bring a piece of Moraira home with you. Whether as a personal memento or a gift for someone special, these artworks encapsulate the beauty and charm of this beloved destination.

For more information or to reserve your favorite piece, contact us at +34 604 147 416 or by email. Let us help you find the perfect artwork that speaks to your soul and commemorates your unforgettable moments in Moraira.

Discover the art of Moraira with us. Your masterpiece awaits!

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